• On December, 2006, CYCLE, comprised of Panther(Gt), Joe(Dr), and Kenjirou Murai (Ba), made their debut.

    On March, 2007, 'D-Tracks'(3 numbers) was released on demo. For short periods, They played instrumental at all while beeing in quest of aggression and melody with Heavy Metal sound.

    On September, 2007, 'Ambivalence'(4 numbers) was released. The maxi single include 2 vocal numbers tentatively and suggested their direction.

    On March, 2008, they didn't halt and released 3 vocal numbers in download only . With guest vocal, Tsuyoshi Himura (from 'everset'), they achieved to establish their CYCLE sound that is applied pop sence by Himura's vocal and assimilate industrial side into thier own heavy sound.

    On August 27th, 2008, they finally released their first Album 'A Total Eclipse Of The Sun' (11 numbers).

    On March,2009,uKouzyvjoined the CYCLE as an official vocalist.